Featured Places #18: Let’s go to Iceland

Iceland, land of ice and fire Close to the polar circle, Iceland offers breathtaking landscapes. Glaciers, fjords, hot springs and steaming geysers, so many natural wonders that fascinate every year hikers and artists from all over the world. Let's discover these lands of ice and fire through the artworks of our Place-To-Paint.com artists. L’Islande, terre de glace... Lire la Suite →

Place-To-Paint 2021 Summer Contest is back!

Faites défiler pour accéder à la version française. Plein Air Artists! Join The Place-To-Paint community now for a chance to win 500€*’s worth of Sennelier art materials! To enter, you must : Create a Place-To-Paint account and complete your profile, You don’t have an account ? sign up for free on Place-To-Paint.Post and locate at least one... Lire la Suite →

Featured Places #17: Let’s go to Porto

Porto, a city of charm With its colorful facades, impressive bridges, fine cuisine and its famous eponymous wine, Porto is a destination full of charm. Second city of Portugal after Lisbon, Porto offers a very pleasant setting for plein air artists. Let's discover together their work and their watercolors on Place-To-Paint.com. Porto, cité de charme... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #16: let’s go to New Zealand

Life-size artistic trip It is not a coincidence that New Zealand was chosen as a life-size setting for Peter Jackson's famous trilogy, the Lord of the rings. A dream habitat for hobbits but not only. Hikers and artists from all over the world flock there every year to discover landscapes as grandiose as wild. Let's... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #14: let’s go to Quebec

Artistic walk along the St. Lawrence River Its fresh and light breeze, its enchanting marine perfume and its immensity dressed in blue, welcome to the shores of the St. Lawrence. This giant of the seas of 1197km discovered by Jacques Cartier in the 16th century is a priceless source of history, nature, culture and flavors. Embark... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #13: let’s go to Japan

Land of the rising sun  Japan and its cherry blossoms, its pagodas, its art of living... so many aspects that make this culture one of the richest in the world. But Japan is also breathtaking landscapes that have fascinated artists since the dawn of time. Here are some of their creations, shared on Place-To-Paint.com Au... Lire la Suite →

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