The Sennelier Plein Air Range

Discover the Sennelier Plein Air range Sennelier created a range suitable for Plein Air painting. This range is made of "pastels à l'Ecu", Oil pastels, "Aquarelle" and "La Petite Aquarelle". Whatever your favorite technique, you will find your Sennelier Plein Air product!   Découvrez la gamme Plein Air Sennelier Sennelier a créée une gamme adaptée... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #5: Let’s go to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Its famous Rio Carnival, with parades, flaming costumes and samba dancers, is considered to be one of the biggest in the world. But Rio de Janeiro is also known for Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and last but not least the statue of Christ Redeemer. Here are some artworks found on, depicting... Lire la Suite →

Featured events #2 Couleurs de Bretagne

Les concours Couleurs de Bretagne Couleurs de Bretagne est une association de peinture Plein Air. Depuis 1994, l'association organise chaque année plusieurs concours et ateliers. De 27 concours en 1994, c'est aujourd'hui 52 rendez-vous qui sont organisés chaque année. Cette année Couleurs de Bretagne fête ses 25 ans ! Pour en savoir plus sur l'histoire de... Lire la Suite →

Featured Artists #4 | Jean-Yves Gagey

Discover the self-taught artist Jean-Yves Gagey. Jean-Yves Gagey is a self-taught artist who uses acrylic, watercolor, oil-sticks and oil colours techniques. He has two passions in his life : painting and Brittany. After a career to preserve the heritage, this Brittany lover spends his time across Breton coast and maritime cemeteries. During the summer, he... Lire la Suite →

Popular countries

What are the most inspiring countries for the Plein Air artists on Thanks to the Place To Paint’s interactive map, we see that Europe is very popular, especially France, Spain and Italy. The United States, mostly the eastern side of the country, also attract a lot of Plein Air artists! Discover our artworks selection... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #4 : Let’s go to San Francisco

San Francisco, the picturesque city By spanning the large turquoise bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, the famous symbol of this Californian city, links the city of Sausalito to San Francisco. With its steep slope streets edged by Victorian houses, the city of San Francisco and the surrounding mountains offer splendid views. Come and discover them... Lire la Suite →

Featured Artists #3 | Juan Miguel Álvarez Páez

Discover the watercolorist from Seville, Spain, Juan Miguel Álvarez Pàez. Juan Miguel Álvarez Pàez was born in 1971 in Pruna, Seville. He studied in Catalonia where he spent a big part of his youth. His artistic life changed when he met painters of the Gothic District of Barcelona, a meeting place for the bohemian artists... Lire la Suite →

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