Featured artists #6 | Guillaume Le Baube

Discover the french painter Guillaume Le Baube! Having studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Guillaume Le Baube, is an artist with a thousand faces: painter, landscape gardener, portraitist, Guillaume works with all painting techniques. It is at the age of 16 that the artist discovered the joys of plein air painting, and almost 50... Lire la Suite →

Place-To-Paint 2020 Summer Contest is back!

Faites défiler pour accéder à la version française. Plein Air Artists! Join The Place-To-Paint community now for a chance to win 500€’s worth of Sennelier art materials! To enter, you must : Create a Place-To-Paint account and complete your profile, You don’t have an account ? sign up for free on Place-To-Paint.Post and locate at least one... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #11 Let’s go to Greek Islands

The Greek islands: between charm and tradition On the hills, a stunning white architecture, a few subtle touches of royal blue and as far as the eye can see, the Mediterranean Sea. This is how Greece could be portrayed. A territory with a thousand treasures, between charm and tradition. With nearly 6000 islands, 200 of... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #10: Let’s go to Provence

The colours of Provence The beautiful Southern light and the vibrant colours of lavender fields, yellow and red houses, the azure sky and sea have inspired Van Gogh, Cézanne, Picasso and Matisse. Between sea and mountains, Provence offers sublime landscapes to Plein Air artists. We can almost hear the cicadas’ singing in their artworks. Here... Lire la Suite →

Featured Places #9 Let’s go to Italy

Italy through the artist's eyes Article en français en bas de page Italy is one of the Place-to-Paint artists favourite countries for Plein Air painting. Get your paintbrushes and let’s find out the best places for Plein Air painting and some of the Place-To-Paint artists’ artworks. Do not hesitate to share yours on Place-To-Paint.com  ... Lire la Suite →

Featured places #8 Let’s go to Ireland

Ireland, the wild beauty Ireland, the Emerald Isle, with its sharp cliffs, its wild moor is utterly breathtaking. The shades of green contrast with the dark grey of the stormy sky, where some rays of sunshine break through here and there, to give the Plein Air artist a magnificent picture. Here are some of the... Lire la Suite →

Top 10 #2

The 10 most popular artworks on Place to Paint Here is the new top 10 of the most popular artworks on Place-To-Paint.com. Click here to discover the previous one. Feel free to share and like artworks on Place-To-Paint.com, to participate in the next top 10!   Les 10 œuvres les plus populaires sur Place to... Lire la Suite →

Featured artists #5 | Richard Suckling

We introduce you the talented Richard Suckling!  Richard Suckling is an English soft pastels and acrylics painter. He mainly paints local land and sea scapes of his inspiring county. Richard studied at Cambridge School of Art. He first started his career as an illustrator in London. He moved to Somerset and then to Newlyn in... Lire la Suite →

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