Featured Places #6: Let’s go to London

Londres, la capitale culturelle

Londres, l’une des plus belles villes du monde. Entre ses paysages urbains et ses grands parcs, la plus grande ville d’Europe est un bonheur pour les peintres du Plein Air de Place-to-Paint.com. Voici quelques unes de leurs créations.


London, the cultural capital

London, one of the most beautiful city in the world. With its urban landscapes and its parks, the biggest city in Europe is a pure pleasure for the Plein Air artists of Place-to-Paint.com. Here are some of their artworks.


londres2-minCrystal Palace mast from Brockwell Park, Jonathan Harbourne. Acrylic.


londres3-minKew Palace, Kew Gardens, Jonathan Harboune. Acrylic on Canvas Board 8″x10″.


londres5-minNational TheatreJonathan Harbourne. Acrylic on Canvas Board 12″x12″


londres-minSt Paul’s from Southbank, Emma Perring. Oil on panel.


lonndres4-minRegent’s Park, Jonathan Harbourne. Acrylic on Canvas Board, 10″x14″


londres1-minLondon, Anca Druga.


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