Featured Artists #1

Here they are our first featured artists ! Thanks to them as they are part of the early adopters of the place-to-paint website. It will be a real pleasure to regularly highlight some of your wonderful artworks chosen among the place-to-paint website.

Et voici nos premiers artistes mis en avant. Merci à eux car ils font partie des permiers inscrits à la place-to-paint. Ce sera un réel plaisir que de mettre régulièrement en avant certains artistes parmi ceux qui publient leurs oeuvres sur la Place-to-paint.

© Ronald Lee Oliver San Diego, USA “I am a painter in oils. I prefer outdoor painting but also paint in the studio. My objective is to capture the essence of light but also to make a beautiful image”


©  France, La Baie du Scall “Je suis peintre, et le paysage, que j’exerce d’après nature, est le genre que j’ai le plus pratiqué”


© Philippe Genest France, “je suis artiste peintre Pastelliste localisé à Mayennne dans le 53”

© Philippe Severac France, “j’aime peindre et dessiner”


© Sandie Croft , Portugal – Kayak Ponte De Piadade- Portugal. “I am a semi pro artist specializing in watercolour and acrylic painting”


© Wei Xue France, “artiste aquarelliste”


© Eleanor Mill Russie, “Artist / graphic / designer”

© Ute Farr Allemagne, “Im a passionate plein air painter 54 years old”


© Ken Anderson USA, “I enjoy making paintings and sharing them with others”


Find out more of their artworks on the place-to-paint website!

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